Advisory Services

Our elite Premier Resources Group (PRG) features an all-star team of industry leaders with a proven history of driving results on a global scale.

The Premier Resources Group (PRG) is comprised of leaders in the construction industry with 300+ years of combined real-world construction and engineering experience.  

PRG members successfully drive continuous and systematic improvements and cost savings starting with our “Five C Analysis” for problem solving and/or project planning:

  • Compelling Cause for Change and Problem Identification
  • Change Management and Culture Evaluation
  • Creative Solution Finding
  • Cost Optimization
  • Continuous Improvement & Sustainability

Whether it’s an internal challenge, project planning, troubled project or new initiative, our PRG Team offers solutions rooted in their real-world experience with some of the largest owners and contractors in the construction industry. 

The PRG Team can support your business in a wide variety of ways, but they focus on two primary areas of expertise:

Project Execution Advisory Services

  • Utilizing elements of project management, supply chain management, contracting support, safety, construction management, and process improvement to generate significant cost savings for your business.
  • Combining strategy development, client development, P&L analysis, business analytics, growth initiatives, and other tools to ensure that you can scale effectively and efficiently in any market.

Service Offering Leaders: Peter Dumont & Rick Bilotto 

Lean Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

  • Capitalizing on the experience of PRG members who have worked for owner and contractor companies who were pioneers in Lean construction to advise, implement, and support your Lean projects and initiatives. And, unlike other consulting firms, we can also provide full-time Lean staffing resources in the field to ensure integration and sustainability of Lean principles on your projects for the project life-cycle.

Service Offering Leader: Todd Mills

To learn more about our advisory services – including the Premier Resources Group (PRG) – 
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